Our Vision

Our vision is to provide another outstanding secondary school for parents and children in Coventry with the highest expectations.

Finham Park 2 will be a mainstream, non-selective, comprehensive school for students aged 11-18.  The new academy will be built on traditional values.  Pivotal to this will be a positive ethos and culture of learning and success for all students.  There will be particular regard to outstanding achievement for all students whatever their academic starting point and a commitment to lifelong learning for all stakeholders.

There will be a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow students to successfully work towards GCSE and A level qualifications.  There will be the highest expectations in terms of academic standards, a business-like approach in the way that students present themselves in terms of school uniform, being in school every day and on time.

The new academy will provide students with a safe and secure environment in which to learn.  We will develop a team ethos from day one.  The development of student leadership roles will be key to developing young people who are confident, articulate and have a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Finham Park 2 will be a place in which parents, governors and the local community are valued partners working alongside the school.  They will all have a role in contributing to and supporting the culture and ethos of the school.

Finham Park 2 will embrace innovation and change, constantly evaluating all our work so that it meets the needs of our students. It will become a ‘World Class’ academy; a place where all students develop a love for ‘Learning for Life’.

Finham Park School is a high achieving academy with an outstanding Ofsted inspection, the highest national outcomes at both GCSE and A level with a thriving sixth form. Students are part of a learning community that leads to both high outcomes in academic examinations and in personal qualities. Pride, respect and responsibility are encouraged and leadership and teamwork highly valued. Finham Park School will be the basis for Finham Park 2.