Finham Park 2 Free School has announced to its parents where their children will be going to school in September 2015. It was announced that the school will be temporarily situated on the Finham Park School site in Green Lane for its first year before moving into a specially refurbished permanent building for September 2016. “A new building will be constructed on the expansive grounds at Green Lane and will be designed to provide high-quality accommodation for Finham Park 2 in its first year and then be used by Finham Park School students for the next 50 years.” commented Mark Bailie, Headteacher.

Finham Park 2 is set to accommodate 800 students aged 11 to 18 and will initially take on 120 Year 7 students when it opens in September.

Parents of students who have been successful in gaining places at Finham Park 2 were informed about the site developments and engaged in a question and answer session on Monday evening. Russell Plester, headteacher designate at the new school commented, “Parents I spoke to were extremely supportive of what we are doing and delighted that they have been able to exercise choice in which school they send their child to. There were a few parents who understandably had concerns about issues such as transport during the first year and we will examine how we can support them wherever possible. One parent said: “Education trumps location, so I’ll be sending my son to Finham Park 2.””

Mark Bailie, Executive Headteacher at Finham Park said: “Our single aim is to raise educational standards and life opportunities for all the young people we serve. To be able to announce a temporary site is great news for all the parents, carers and students who have put their faith in this exciting new school. We now look forward to working with the wider community, local schools and other stakeholders to ensure Finham Park 2 plays an important part in the life of Coventry for many years to come.”