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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance at Finham Park 2

Our aim is provide students with personalised, current guidance that helps motivate and inspire them to become confident and valued contributors to their community-locally, nationally and globally.

Careers advisor

Christine Evans

Deputy Headteacher and Careers Leader

Jo Brake

The careers programme at Finham Park 2 includes:

Alongside the careers programme there are also opportunities that are embedded within the curriculum and will be delivered through lessons, workshops and off timetable events. These include activities such as:

KS3 and 4 Food Prep and Nutrition – Film Event (kitchen and hospitality experience),

Drama –visits to live performances at all key stages, KS4 workshops with dance company (Highly Sprung), Commonwealth games Birmingham 2022 project- working with performing arts specialists

Art –City of Culture 2021 activities –links with artists

Geography – A level- guest speakers (Food production), fieldwork opportunities to a farm and tourism hub

Science- A level guest speakers (Physics)

This careers site includes information on:

Students will be alerted to careers information relevant to their year group through Google classroom. You will find the log in codes on the Frog website as well as sent to students via school e-mail.

Start programme – All students will have a login to the Start programme found on the Google classroom.  This site will give you lots of information about careers that will be personalised to your interests.

Our careers advisor Mrs Evans works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and students can make appointments with her through your mentor or by visiting her office (215). Students can also email her any careers questions from your school email. Her email address is

Mrs Evans can provide guidance for the following:

  • Options advice for GCSE and A level
  • Applications for post 16 and post 18 study or employment
  • CV writing
  • Interviews
  • Labour information
  • Skills analysis (finding out what you are really good at)

The focus for the careers programme will change as you move through the school. You can see the plan for the year in the main section. It includes:

Year 7 Introduction to the careers programme and understand your own skills

Year 8 GCSE Options process, exploring subject areas and links to careers

Year 9 Settling into GCSE, exploring different careers choices

Year 10 Preparing for Work Experience

Year 11 Post 16 options, next steps

Year 12 Settling into Sixth Form, exploring post 18, UCAS preparation, work experience

Year 13 Post 18 options

Useful websites:

Click the titles below to expand.


To help us plan our careers programme we follow the framework of guidance set out within the Gatsby Benchmarks ( They aim to ensure that every young person receives high quality career guidance that allows them to ‘make informed decisions about their future’.

We work with the Coventry and Warwickshire Careers Hub to increase the opportunities we can provide for our students to have access to a wide range of employers and up to date labour market information. Please see the Labour Market Information section

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During year 7 we would encourage parents/carers to talk to students about their areas of interest and the skills they already have. We would encourage students to explore new activities through the OOSHL and enrichment programme so as to broaden their horizons.

Introduce students to the careers programme

Introduction to ‘Start’  – online careers tool (log in details provided on the Frog site and the Careers Google Classroom.)

PSHE lessons focused on skills understanding

Mentor time sessions focusing on personal target setting

Enrichment programme allows for the broadening of curriculum

OOSHL activities to explore new skills and interests

The iCould website allows students to think about career choices and your personality.

In year 8 our students will make their options choices for GCSE. It is important that they think about making choices that are broad and balanced. They will need to talk through the options that are available and be confident with what they have selected.

There are some useful sites for you below:

BBC Bitesize- GCSE options

Career Pilot –

Uni guide –

There will also be other information to help you with this process including:

Options process

  • Parent’s information event
  • Parent’s evening (subject focused)
  • Options booklet

Year 8 Options guidance

Students will also be able to try out some of the options during the enrichment programme in year 7 and 8 or through taster sessions offered in year 8. All students will have a 1:1 individual options meeting with a member of staff to discuss and confirm their options choices. Pupils, parents and carers can also request an individual meeting with our careers advisor.

Other careers focused activities in year 8 include:

PSHE lessons (careers exploration)

Big Bang Fair at the NEC

University partnership programmes

In year 9 students will start their GCSE options and it is important that they get into good learning habits. At the start of the year there will be an Aiming Higher event which focuses on developing study and revision skills.

Please see our exam and revision support section of the FP2 website for more information.

Other careers activities in year 9 include:

PSHE lessons (entrepreneurship, life skills)

Careers Fair

University partnership programmes

Revisit the ‘Start’ online guidance programme

In year 10 students will complete a week of work experience in the Spring Term. The aim of work experience is to allow students to:

  • Develop self confidence
  • Experience a place of work first hand
  • Gain experiences that can influence their thinking around career choices
  • Learn employability skills

Where possible, students should try to secure a private placement in a chosen area of interest. This could be done through family contacts or through students directly contacting places of work for themselves. Many companies now ask for online applications to be filled in by students or require letters of application sent directly to them. All of our Year 10 students will be encouraged through the PSHE programme to have letters and CVs ready for this purpose. They will also have guidance about companies they could approach through the careers programme. 1:1 meetings can be scheduled with the careers advisor if more support is needed.

CV writing link – Live Career

National Careers Service –

All placements are checked by Warwickshire Work Experience Services to ensure their suitability and also check that they meet Health and Safety requirements. They will also help provide students with placements if private ones cannot be organised.

During 2020 and 2021 we have not been able to offer work experience due to COVID restrictions. With these in place some students accessed virtual work experience and this is likely to still be available into 2021-22 that could be done additionally to the face to face week.

A useful parent/carer guide to virtual work experience can be found at

Students have secured placements in a variety of locations including:

  • Retail
  • Education (primary)
  • Nurseries
  • Service industries (hotels, leisure centres)

Other careers activities in year 10 include:

PSHE/Core lessons (applications and employability)

Careers Fair

University partnership programmes and applications for summer schools

1:1 Careers interviews

The focus for year 11 in the careers programme is transition and post 16 options. We aim to ensure that all students are ready to access the next steps of their journey. It is important that students start to think early about what options are available to them.

More information will be shared with parents/carers at the Aim Higher event in the winter term.

We will provide them with 1:1 individual interviews to give them personalised guidance. Information and guidance will be shared with parents as long as students are happy for this to happen.

To help them prepare for applications and interviews we would recommend that students have a CV ready and we will support them with this process during mentor time as well as through CV writing workshops. Some examples of CVs for 16 year olds can be found at:

To help students develop a strong CV we would encourage them to continue to attend OOSHLs and participate in activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award which includes skill development, volunteering, physical activity and expeditions.

CV writing link – Live Career

National Careers Service –

Options at post 16 could include attending a Sixth Form to complete A-levels or vocational courses.

All parents and students will be able to visit the Sixth Form centre for the Open Evening in the winter term (COVID restrictions permitting) and learn more about what is available at Finham Park 2. Further activities such as taster sessions and meetings with staff and Sixth Form students will also take place during the year.

Students may also wish to apply to other post 16 colleges and they have open evenings and events available throughout the year.

Coventry College

Warwickshire College

Solihull College

Apprenticeships are also delivered by a number of local providers including:

Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

Engineering apprenticeships

Other careers activities in year 11 include:

Mentor time programme including assemblies about local labour market information

Careers Fair

University partnership programmes and applications for summer schools

NCS (National Citizenship Service)

1:1 Careers interviews

During Sixth Form the careers programme will include supporting students with their post 18 options. We would encourage parents/carers to be aware of what opportunities there are available to student’s post 18. These could include:

Parents will be able to find out more through the Sixth Form newsletters.

The careers programme in school will include:

1:1 guidance meetings

Careers workshops

CV workshops

Work experience (one week)

British Army teambuilding event

Careers Fair

Mock interviews

We would encourage students to continue to develop interests wider than just their school curriculum for example taking part in OOSHLs or widening their experience through activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award which includes skill development, volunteering, physical activity and expeditions. Taking on a part time job or volunteering can also give valuable insight into the work environment as well as developing employability skills as long as this is balanced with school commitments.


We are always looking for new employers to work with our students. Things you could help us with include:

  • Work experience placements for year 10 and 12 pupils
  • Mock interviews
  • Talks in assemblies (virtual or in person)
  • CV checking
  • Delivering careers workshops
  • Presenting at the Finham Park 2 Careers Fair
  • Offering workplace visits as part of the curriculum

If you interested in working with us please contact Christine Evans

In working with us we would also be able to promote any suitable vacancies for apprenticeships/jobs that you would have.

Please see our Provider Access Policy Statement for more information.


At Finham Park 2 we encourage all staff to be involved in the careers programme.

Useful sites for teachers leading careers sessions include:

Youth Employment

Outstanding Careers Education

Target Careers

LMI for all


Staff at Finham Park 2 are able to access the careers curriculum through the shared Google Drive area.

All staff have a login to the online Start programme This site will give you lots of information about careers that can be personalised to your subject and can give you ideas about teaching about careers in your subject area. This site can be accessed without your login but you will not be able to save your search history.

Labour Market Information

Labour market information tells us about what employment opportunities there are currently in a region and what skills and qualifications will be needed for opportunities in the future.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Careers Hub provide a summary for the region and highlight the importance of up to date labour market.

‘Having up to date, high quality information can help students decide things about their future such as:

  • Are there opportunities close to where I live in the sector I am interested in or will I need to relocate?
  • How competitive is the industry I am interested in? Are there enough jobs and do I need to have a back-up plan?
  • Does the pay for the job I want align to what I would like to earn?
  • What is the best route for me to take to get to the job I would like?
  • Is the industry I would like to work in growing or shrinking?’

The Office for National Statistics gives up to date profiles for areas of the UK. This allows you to find out about population, employment, unemployment, businesses and qualifications

Career Map provides up to date employment and training opportunities

LMI for All includes a ‘Skillsometer’ which allows students to consider different jobs they might want to do in the future as well as a ‘Careerometer’ that explores key information about different careers.  

Career Smart provides detailed information about different industries and how they compare.

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