FPMAT Policy for Responding to Parents

It is the policy of the School that admin staff will pass on a telephone request or email request to speak to a member of staff the same morning or afternoon that it is received. Most teaching staff have commitments to classes during the working day and are therefore unlikely to be able to respond to a message immediately. Staff will be expected to acknowledge receipt of an email or phone call by the end of the next working day. A follow up contact will be made to try to resolve an issue or arrange a meeting where a parent requests it within 2 whole working days. It will help our response if parents give us brief details relating to their enquiry.

Any urgent messages of information can be communicated via the school office.
Where there is a need to speak to a senior member of staff as a matter of emergency, parents are respectfully asked to explain briefly the nature of the emergency to admin staff so that they can be directed to the appropriate member of the senior leadership team. An emergency is defined as a situation where the safety of a child is at immediate serious risk. In all but the most serious cases, parents will not be directed to speak to the Headteacher.

Parents who arrive at school wishing to see a member of staff without an appointment will be asked to leave a contact number or email to suggest times when they might be available for a member of staff to contact them.

School contact advice for parents/carers

It is unlikely a compliment, concern or complaint will need to be addressed to the Headteacher in the first instance. It is important your issue is raised to the right level as this will enable the school to address the issue more quickly. In cases where an issue does not reach the correct person, you will be referred to the right level as quickly as possible.


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SENCO Mr S Cameron s.cameron@finhampark2.co.uk
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School Counsellor Mrs N Allsopp counsellor@finhampark2.co.uk
Hub Manager Mrs K Malone k.malone@finhampark2.co.uk


History (Faculty Leader) Mr M Ludgate m.ludgate@finhampark2.co.uk
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Religious Education Mr H Jandu h.jandu@finhapark2.co.uk

Creative Arts

Drama (Department Leader) Miss R O’Donnell r.odonnell@finhampark2.co.uk
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Physical Education

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Mr S Green s.green@finhampark2.co.uk
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Mandarin Mr J Yin j.yin@finhampark2.co.uk