The Art and Photography Department at Finham Park 2 aims to facilitate and develop all students potential in the creative areas. It is a busy, interactive place with a creative and experimental buzz and aims to impact not only the department but subjects across the school wherever possible!

We have two art teaching rooms in the main building and have a strong variety of tools, media and material available to help facilitate inspirational and challenging learning experiences. In addition to this we have a Digital Photography room kitted out with 24 Computers with Photoshop and Adobe Creative suite as well as many other technologies to aid digital and light based media learning including graphic tablets. We have amazing DSLR cameras for students to use and a separate venue in Edwards Keep for our studio lighting, backdrops and other exciting kit!

Year 7 and 8

During Year 7 and 8 all students have a lesson of Art per week . This allows all students the opportunity to study the subject area and make exceptional progress. Lessons include practical work in many different media , as well as written knowledge and research. Homework covers creative tasks as well as theory research and extended creative projects. All homework is recorded on our Frog learning platform.

In Years 7 and 8 all students will take part in several topics. Ech year group will experience a variety of materials each year and each topic. Most projects have a 2d and a 3d outcome and many different medias are covered throughout the topics. Including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, assemblage, plaster work, printmaking, photography and digital media to name but a few!

Projects include:

  • Essential Art Skills ( The formal elements and skills needed for the topics )
  • Inspired by nature. ( Observation/ imagination /architecture / Gaudi /Hundertwasser )
  • I am what I Own ( Still life /symbolism /Narrative / Van Gogh)
  • Imaginative Landscapes ( Landscape/ colour/ the Fauves)
  • Pop My Life! ( Portraiture & Pop art )
  • The Imaginaruim ( Imaginative /Mythical / Steam Punk / Assemblage )
  • Abstract it. (Abstract art and Sculpture / Cubism / Hepworth )

Enrichment and OOSHL

In addition to the one hour a week students can choose Art Enrichment where larger pieces of art and sculpture are produced. They can also choose Photography Enrichment where several photographic projects are undertaken and skills learnt.

The Art department is open most days afterschool for various OOSHL activities in Art, craft and photography . please see the schedule for this term . We have had to cap the number on some activities as we have been known to have 70 students sign up ! Many GCSE students work in the department each day afterschool . The rooms are also used at break and lunch for students with permission.

We have run several national Art competitions and have been successful in many! (Details to follow)

GCSE Options

  • GCSE Fine Art ( Art & Design)
  • GCSE Photography and Light based Media

GCSE students at first follow a number of workshops and teacher led themes to build skills and become aware of the examination assessment objectives. When student are confident they then begin their own personal themes and personalised coursework separate to each other. This is supported by 1-2-1 mentoring with the teacher. No Coursework or student work is ever the same and it brings a fantastic amount of variety, experimentation, media, themes and personalisation.


The art department plan to run several trips throughout ks3 and 4 – Many to link in with topics or to demonstrate creative career options and routes . Details to follow :

Year 7: Pending

Year 8: In discussion - Harry Potter Studios creative careers / London galleries / Behind the scenes in theatre land ( Winter term)

Year 9 : Barcelona ( May) London Galleries.

Year 10: Barcelona ( May) New York ( Nov) London Galleries.

Year 11: New York ( Nov) London Galleries

Meet the Team

Subject Leader Mrs H Pendergrast
Art & Photography Miss K Ward

Students Work