Geography is an exciting subject that allows students to study and explore the world around us. Throughout all the key stages we study both physical geography (learning how and why the world and landscapes are the shape they are) and human geography (learning how and why people have impacts on the people and places around them).

We are able to react to events that are taking place in the world today and adjust our curriculum in order to study them and understand them further.

Key Stage 3

In key stage 3 (years 7 and 8) we start close to home thinking about the city we live in and then broaden our understanding to include studying countries such as South Africa, Russia and China. Within our study of countries we look at how the country has developed and consider how people work and live there.  We consider how rivers and seas shape our landscape and how they provide opportunities and threats to the humans who live close to them. We study the physical processes that create our weather and climate and then think about how they affect people.  Our students develop skills that will allow them to move successfully into Geography GCSE as well as support them in other subjects.

Current Projects

In year 7 our students study the Coventry City of Culture 2021 bid and are encouraged to explore our city further. Heritage weekend (usually the first or second weekend in September) sees many interesting buildings open and free to explore. We also study the HS2 development which is effecting areas close to us and consider the advantages and disadvantages this will bring.

Our year 8 course starts with us participating in the World’s Largest Lesson which encourages a greater understanding of the United Nations Global Development Goals. Along with over 18 million children worldwide our students are given a better understanding of the challenges that lie ahead in reducing inequality in  areas such as food consumption and education.

We are also part of the Mission 8848 Global Schools programme led by explorer Mark Wood. We will be following his training and expeditions as he seeks to climb Mt Everest next year.

We are also starting to plan for our residential trips for GCSE and information will follow shortly.

Department Staff List

Mrs J Brake

Miss H Johnson

Key Stage 4

Students study AQA GCSE geography. The course is split into two sections; 'Living with the Physical Environment' and 'Challenges in the Human Environment'. We start by studying natural hazards, thinking about the causes and impact of hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes. We consider how the UK is also effected by extreme weather systems and how we cope with these. The course then explores how landscapes are created and changed by rivers and coasts. We look at ecosystems both locally and globally. Throughout the course we consider the future of the planet and how sustainable our actions are.

As we move into the Living with Human Environment modules we explore employment across the world and look at how it is changing, we study how our cities develop and are changing over time as well as consider the issues that are challenging people who live in them. Within this section we also consider the resources that are available on our planet including water, food and energy. We discover how the resources are exploited and shared across the world and consider the issues surrounding sustainability and distribution.