The Mathematics Department at Finham Park 2 is highly regarded by staff, students and parents. As part of our Key Stage 3 programme, all students will be able to develop on the skills and concepts covered in Key Stage 2 to reach a ‘mastery’ standard in order to prepare them for the demand of the new 9-1 Edexcel GCSE specification. From year 9, all students will be following either the ‘Foundation’ or ‘Higher tier’ pathway based on prior attainment with the potential for students to change pathways if appropriate. Students are assessed at the beginning of every topic to allow for teachers to deliver tailor-made lessons to address gaps and misconceptions and extend their knowledge. Topics that are covered include Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Students are then assessed at the end of the topic to allow them to see the progress that they have made.


The department also has very strong links with the Mathematics departments at Finham Park School, Lyng Hall and Finham Primary school which provides extra-curricular opportunities such as ‘The Great Egg Race’ for year 6 and 7, ‘The Young Apprentice’ challenge for Gifted and Talented year 8 students as well as the ‘Mathlympics’ for year 9 students. We also enter students for the UKMT Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenge to compete against students of a similar age nationally. This year we have also had students enter the ‘National Cypher Challenge’ against other teams across the country.

Subject Leader  Miss S. Macdonald

Second in department: Mr R. Bailey

Mr B. Sigmundsson

Mr A. Jay

Miss L. Gallagher