Exam and Revision support

How to revise

There are many different ways that students can revise for their mock and real GCSE examinations. Below you will find a collection strategies from The Learning Scientists. These strategies re: based on educational research and the science of how we learn.

The Learning Scientists have shared six approaches to studying that can help students to revise:


  • Elaboration – explaining ideas in detail
  • Retrieval practice – practice ‘remembering’ what they have been taught
  • Spaced practice – spacing out your studying over time.
  • Dual coding – combining pictures and words to help you remember things.
  • Interleaving – switching between the topics that you study.
  • Concrete examples – using specific examples to understand abstract ideas.

Please click to download a booklet that gives you more information about each strategy:

 Learning Scientists study skill booklet


Self-testing with revision cards (flash cards) is one of the most effective revision techniques to include. This video shows a revision system that students can use to help them remember key information for their GCSE subjects:


Other useful revision links:






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