Russell Plester


Mark Bailie

Executive Headteacher

A very warm welcome to Finham Park 2.

Do you want to send your son or daughter to a school that:

  • Aspires to be ‘world class’?
  • Aims to achieve the highest possible qualifications for all of its students?
  • Wants all students to have ‘the time of their lives’?
  • Is run by leaders with a proven track record in one of Coventry’s highest performing schools?
  • Is supported by Finham Park School, rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for the second time in succession?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then read on.

Finham Park School, the parent organisation of Finham Park 2, has been a highly regarded part of the educational landscape in Coventry for over forty years. We have a long and proud history of providing the highest quality teaching; an innovative curriculum offer and a wealth of exciting extra-curricular activities for young people of all ages and abilities. The school has consistently been judged as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted over a ten year period – a reflection of the ambition leaders at the school have for all students.

At Finham Park we are rightly proud of our reputation for supporting young people to achieve at the very highest level. Our goals are to ensure that all students gain excellent GCSE grades and to continue into our Sixth Form where they receive the very best opportunities to gain entrance to a university of their choice (100% of those who applied in 2014!) or to access higher level apprenticeships and employment.

Finham Park 2 is a wonderful opportunity for your son or daughter to access the same educational opportunities and life chances as those on offer at Finham Park School. Finham Park 2 reflects the same ethos and ‘World Class’ ambitions of Finham Park School building upon our core values of Pride, Respect and Responsibility.

School is also about children ‘having the time of their lives’ filling their days with so many happy memories that when they look back, they also inspire future generations to enjoy learning. Our mission statement ‘Learning for Life’ is reflected in all our work and we will constantly strive to make the learning experience at Finham Park 2 the very best it can be.

If your application is successful, your son/daughter will be joining us at the most exciting time as we continue to pursue our goal of being not just an ‘Outstanding’ school, but a ‘World Class’ one,  something for the whole community to be proud of! The demand for places is high: over the last 2 years we have been oversubscribed and all of our 120 places are filled in all year groups.