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Russell Plester
Leigh Thomson
PA to Headteacher
Jo-Ann Brake
Deputy Headteacher & Teacher of Geography
Andy Ditch
Deputy Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form
Liz Allton
Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of D&T
Rebecca Diaz
Assistant Headteacher Pastoral & Inclusion
Alison Robinson
Operations Manager
Natalie Parkhouse
Northgate College Leader & Teacher of Science
Claudio Bolatti
Eastgate College Leader & Teacher of MFL
Kim Hunter
Southgate College Leader & Teacher of P.E
Michael Ludgate
Southgate College Leader & Leader of Humanities
Diane Stones
Westgate College Leader & Teacher of Science
Simon Mason
Data Manager
Andrew Clarke
Exams Officer
Tracie Gibson
Office Administrator
Josie Nelson
Office Administrator
Sharan Bhachu
Office Administrator
Lizzie Gulliver
6th Form Office Administrator
Zoe Russell
Admin Apprentice
Stuart Cameron
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo)
Barbie Lewis
Learning Mentor
Natalie Allsopp
School Councillor
Kate Malone
Hub Manager
Jennifer Conner
Laura Platt
Inclusion Administrator
Beth Mordue
Teaching Assistant
Abby McCarthy
Teaching Assistant
Ben Hanly
Learning Supervisor
Christine Evans
Careers Advisor
Ruth Kidman
Leader of English
Megan Hopkins
Teacher of English
Jessica Emeney
Teacher of English
Hetty Frampton
Teacher of English
Hayley Marsh
Teacher of English
Tessa Kerr
Teacher of English
Joanne Kerr
Library Manager
Sapphire Macdonald
Leader of Mathematics
Alex Jay
Teacher of Mathematics
Deelwara Ahmed
Teacher of Mathematics
Louise Tyrrell
Teacher of Mathematics & 6th Form Progress Leader
Sonia Dhadday
Teacher of Mathematics
Chantelle Grant
Teacher of Mathematics
Clare O’Neill
Leader of Science
Rebecca Mack
Teacher of Science
Lucy Tomlinson
Teacher of Science
Abbie Hunter
Teacher of Science
Brandon Mattu
Senior Science Technician
Maggie Kaminska-Sommer
Science Technician
Hannah Johnson
Teacher of Geography
Georgina Daffern
Teacher of History
Harpal Jandhu
Teacher of PSHE/R.E
Sandeep Chahal
Teacher of Psychology/Sociology
Richard Wiggins
Leader of MFL
Charlotte Over
Teacher of MFL
Matt Hudson
Leader of P.E / Teacher of P.E & Science
Sam Green
Teacher of PE & Science
Bethany Roberts
Teacher of PE & RE
Rebecca O’Donnell
Leader of Drama / Teacher of Drama & PE
Heidi Pendergrast
Leader of Art & Photography
Kelly Ward
Teacher of Art & Photography
James Hunter
Leader of Music
Jon Rogers
Leader of Computing
Aaron Nicholls
Teacher of Computing
Nadine Klym
Teacher of Business Studies
Andrew Hartshorn
Leader of Technology & Teacher of Food Preparation & Nutrition
Lorna Trout
Teacher of D&T
Shakira Asghar
Teacher of D&T
Julian Owen
Technology Technician
Kim Ennis
Technology Technician
Sam O’Sullivan
Catering Manager
Mel Evans
Catering Assistant
Nikki Penman
Catering Assistant
Claire Stokes
Catering Assistant
Cora Doyle-Davies
Catering Assistant
Laura O’Hagan
Catering Assistant
Steve Cargill
Site Services
Maurice Kilcoyne
Site Services
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