Student Voice and Leadership

At Finham Park 2, Student Voice through Baraza provides our students with an opportunity to make a difference and influence their learning. It creates opportunities for students to participate in different leadership roles in school, engage in learning conversations and have their voice heard. Student Voice personalises learning and in doing so, creates students who are articulate, autonomous but collaborative learners with high meta-cognitive skills, allowing students to strive to achieve their potential, whatever their aim. It is important that our students are at the centre of change in our school and play an active role in order to shape their own learning.

Finham Park 2 is therefore committed to ensuring students fulfil their potential during their life at school. By creating personalised learning opportunities, which all students can become involved in, Student Voice and Student Leadership aim to INSPIRE our learners and leaders of the future:

Independence enabling our students to become more independent learners, being more autonomous in all aspects of school life.
Nurture ‘Maturity’ and ‘Meta-cognitive skills’  – learning how to work together, become leaders and develop their personal skills, learning to work collaboratively with staff building relationships that are characterised by mutual trust and respect.
Social Skillsenabling students to communicate coherently in order to communicate a point of view, lead a presentation, address an audience and create greater interpersonal skills.
Participationenabling students to participate in their own learning and feel a sense of enjoyment in their learning in the classroom and around school as a result of their voice being heard.
Instil ‘Confidence’enabling students to feel a greater sense of confidence and increased self-esteem and self-awareness in all activities in which they participate.
Responsibilityenabling students to become more responsible for self, for their learning and for their behaviour, and in doing so creating role models for others.
Engagement – enabling students to increase their engagement in learning in the class room as well as in school life.


Student Leadership 2019-2020

Students have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of Leadership activities at Finham Park 2.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors lead tours for visitors, greet guests as well as get involved in the interview process for new staff.  They assist at events such as Open Evening and Parents’ Evenings.


Digital and Robotics Leaders

Robotics Leaders supported primary school students in exploring the Vex IQ system and competition before Christmas. We hope to welcome that new team back when we host a competition in the summer term with RAEng. We have also started to work on a competition to design a robot to carry out tasks on Mars using an app called Twinkl.

D&T Pioneers

D&T Pioneers are our student leaders in D&T who will help to develop new projects for the area, help with displays and supporting other students in lessons. They will also represent the department at events, conduct tours and meet visitors.

Food leaders work on projects such as coordinating and catering a fine dining menu for over 100 guests at the MAT film festival, cooking bespoke menus for visiting dignitaries such as the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant and, helping at do mise en place for grub club and lessons.

Multi Academy Trust Student Leaders

Students represent Finham Park 2 as MAT SLs. They work collaboratively with other student leaders across the schools within the trust on projects such as: MAT exchange days, cake sales to raise money for local libraries and developing a MAT book of short stories for publication and sale in the near future.


Junior Leadership Team

Our Head Boy and Head Girl along with their Deputies lead the Junior Leadership Team. They are selected by a nomination, application and interview process. Students from any year group may apply. This year our JLT

have been involved in a wide range of activities including fundraising for:

  • Children in Need
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Coventry Cyrenians
  • Sports Relief
  • Zoe’s Place
  • The Alzheimer’s society

The JLT are also involved in welcoming guests to the school, speaking in assemblies, interviewing potential teachers and getting involved in local events such as the clean-up of the local community.

Student Librarians

We have over 30 students who volunteer in our school library.  The roles are many and varied, from issuing and discharging books, to setting up displays, to preparing new stock.  We operate a shift system so that the library always has Student Librarians available to help other students before school, and at break and lunch times.  Our student librarians earn their ‘librarian’ badge after a period of continued service and completion of training.  We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help maintain the high standards within our incredible library space.

The TransAtlantic Student Leaders

The TASLs are currently working with students from Dennis-Yarmouth High School, Massachusetts, USA, Via Skype and Zoom. This is a great opportunity for pupils to work collaboratively and globally with other scientist. The student leaders will be completing several different projects, for example looking at how astronauts live on a space station & how they do things on the space station.


Other Leadership opportunities.

Students have also been busy leading activities across other curriculum areas within school with some students currently working towards their sports leadership accreditation or the Pixl LORIC accreditation.