All students are divided into four colleges when they start the school with siblings usually placed in the same college. Mentor groups are made up of students from all year groups so there is a mix of ages. There are currently around 20-25 students in a mentor group. This allows students to get to know both their peers as well as a range of other students. Older students are able to share their experiences of school such as going through the options process and also help younger students feel more supported around the school. We have four college leaders & seven mentor groups in each college as Year 11 students move into their own Mentor groups in the Spring term of Year 11.

The mentor meets their group each morning between 8.40 and 9.05.


College LeaderMrs
NG Year 7Miss Over & Miss /
NG Year 8Miss
NG Year 9Mr
NG Year 10Mr
NG Year 11Mrs Kidman & Mrs /


College LeaderMr C
EG Year 7Miss
EG Year 8Miss O’
EG Year 9Miss
EG Year 10Mrs
EG Year 11Mr


College LeaderMrs K
SG Year 7Mr Shotter & Mr /
SG Year 8Mr
SG Year 9Mr Yin & Mrs /
SG Year 10Mr
SG Year 11Mr Ludgate & Mr /


College LeaderMrs D
WG Year 7Miss
WG Year 8Miss Hunter & Mrs /
WG Year 9Mr Hunter & Mrs /
WG Year 10Mrs O’
WG Year 11Miss
Pastoral SupportMr

During mentor time students complete a range of activities such as:

  • Uniform & Equipment check – checking they are ready to learn
  • Assembly
  • Numeracy/literacy activity
  • PSHE
  • Baraza
  • Reading

Our mentors work with students to reflect on their learning, behaviour choices & rewards. They are the first port of call for parents and are there to provide pastoral support for our students.